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Basement Remodel

We finished up 2019 and began 2020 with a basement remodel. In this project we had to frame in new walls, hang drywall, build custom cabinets, stain the new wood, paint the walls, and install carpet. Read more to learn more about this project from start to finish.

This whole project started out with the homeowner having some foundation work done, and had a sump pump installed. After this work was completed Garrott Construction came in and had to build out walls and figure out a plan to hide the sump pump. We got started with framing new walls along the existing concrete walls. The original concrete that had been removed was glued to the concrete. This method was not an option for us, because the foundation company had installed a vapor barrier that couldn't be punctured or damaged in any way. So we framed up new walls, and installed drywall on the new framing.

After the drywall was hung, mudded, and sanded smooth we proceeded with priming the walls and staining the wood cap on top of the new wall. We wanted to match as close to possible to the existing paneling and trim. The paneling was in really good shape, and works well in that space, and the client really likes it, so we didn't see a need to remove the existing paneling. After we primed the walls, we began building the cabinet around the new sump pump. We wanted something that could be easily removed to maintain the sump pump, but still looked nice in the space.

After the cabinet had been built, stained, and the polyurethane had been applied we moved onto painting the walls. We didn't go with the typical neutral color of gray. We got to have some fun with a pretty shade of green and a lighter shade of purple for an accent wall. It worked so nicely with the red toned wood already in the space. As a designer I could've told my client they needed to go with neutral colors, but that wasn't my client. She loves color. So we decided to go with PPG's colors Whispering Pine and Cloudberry.

After drywall, paint and trim was all completed we then installed new carpet. Since we went with colors on the walls we went neutral on the floor to ground out the project. This particular carpet is a 100% cut-loop pattern, which means the homeowner has an easy to clean carpet that's going to last quite some time in this basement.

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