Garages & Outbuildings

Our garages are permanent built on site structures with concrete foundations.  We use the same materials and construction standards as our homes.  We fully sheet all our walls with zip systems sheathing before installing your chosen siding to give the building the same air tightness as a house to protect what you put inside your building for years to come.  This also means our garages are easy to insulate and condition.  So if you want to wrench on your collector car all winter you can stay warm and comfortable doing so.

Types of Garages

one car garage
Two car garage
three car garage

One car standard sizes: 

- 12' x 20'  startign at $20,000

- 16' x 24' starting at $24,000

Two car standard sizes: 

- 20' x 20' starting at $25,500

- 24' x 24' starting at $29,000

- 30' x 30' starting at $35,500

Three car standard sizes: 

- 20' x 36' starting at $34,500

- 24' x 36' starting at $36,500

Standard features included: 

  • 5" thick concrete slab reinforced with rebar, 6mil vapor barrier underneath,  & edges thickened to 1' thick

  • 2x4 framing 8' tall walls with 7/16 ZIP systems sheathing

  • 4 1/2" Dutch lap Vinyl siding with white trim 

  • White aluminum facia and soffit on 12" eves with 4" facia

  • 5" pitch roof with 5/8 sheathing 

  • Architectural asphalt shingle roof with synthetic underlayment and ventilation or 29 gauge steel roof 

  • 3'0" fiberglass entry door with PVC jamb and molding oil rubbed bronze hinges, knob, and deadbolt

  • (1) 3'0" x 4'0" single hung window 

  • 9'x7' white garage door (quantity dependent on garage size selected)

Options Available: 

  • Excavation and site work

  • Monolithic slab foundation with footing extending below frost line

  • Concrete wall foundation for unlevel sites or building into a hill

  • Floor drains 

  • Sloped floor available with concrete frost wall foundation 

  • Wall heights up to 12'

  • 2x6 wall framing 

  • Lp Smartside siding

  • James Hardie fiber cement siding

  • Gable vents 

  • Blocks for exterior lights 

  • Additional doors or windows 

  • Man door with window

  • Garage door with windows

  • Metal roof 

  • Metal siding

  • Different roof pitch 

  • Additional trim color options 

  • Additional facia and soffit colors 

  • Gutters and downspouts

  • Larger eves 

  • Insulation 

  • Insulated garage door

  • Taller or wider garage door

  • Garage door opener

  • Interior finished with sanded plywood, drywall, or metal

  • Attic framed for storage space 

  • Additional exterior concrete for sidewalks or driveways 

  • Trim around windows or garage doors

  • Custom building dimensions

  • Building permits

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