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Who is Garrott Construction? Where did they come from?

Happy November! Where on earth did this year go? Can you believe we’re already down to our last couple months of 2019?!

In my last blog I promised I’d eventually tell you more about Garrott Construction. So, I had some fun interviewing the owner of Garrott Construction, Ashton Long. He’s the mastermind behind this whole company. Well at least for Garrott Construction being in Columbia Missouri.

Here we go: Garrott Construction started back in the mid 1970’s by Ashton’s father, Dave Long, in Peoria, Illinois. During that time, he mostly worked on custom hardwood installations. He continued with these marvelous installations through to the 1990’s. By then he started expanding his business to some remodeling work.

In the early 1990’s Asthon was born, and Dave continued his work. As Ashton grew up, he watched his father work on various types of projects. Dave allowed Ashton to work on minor things like helping cleaning tools and keeping the shop clean. By the age of 10, Ashton was tagging along to job sites working right alongside his father. Of course, he started with very minor things, and learning the process behind everything. As Ashton grew into his teenage years he had continued working alongside his father. They both greatly enjoyed working with each other. Together they worked on numerous projects, like hardwood installations, painting, and even rebuilding 100-year-old garage doors.

The years continued, and Ashton was getting ready to graduate high school and head off to college. He was always intrigued by how things work, hence, the motive behind watching his dad work all those years. Ashton was accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Missouri, in Columbia Missouri.

While he was attending college, he was part of the Formula car team, where they designed, built and raced a Formula car against other engineering programs around the country. As Ashton was attending classes he began reflecting on his past, remembering the days of his childhood helping his father. He remembered how he loved working with his hands rather than sitting behind a computer. He started seeking out jobs in the area and found a carpenter job with a local construction company and fell back in love with what he was so familiar with. He worked for this company for a few semesters during breaks and whatnot. By the time of graduation, he started working for another local construction company. Within a year, he decided to make the jump and go off on his own and build his own company.

Yes, you guessed it, this is the one. He took his father’s company name from Peoria, Illinois and expanded the company to Columbia Missouri. Since that moment he’s accomplished so many projects. Projects like building a 3-story 1200 square foot addition onto an existing house, multiple bathroom and kitchen remodels, trim and stair installations, hardwood and tile installations, and many drywall installations and repairs.

When you hire Garrott Construction, you work firsthand with the man doing the work. Yup, you guessed it again, Ashton’s the man! He’s the one out there on the job sites completing the drywall finishing, hardwood installations, installing the new kitchen cabinets and so much more. He begins the process by looking at the job site, and from the first look he’s thinking of the best ways to complete the project for the longest lasting result. All of this while he’s addressing the clients wants and needs.

When Ashton isn’t on a job site you can find Ashton researching new and better ways to improve his work, or duck hunting, or fishing. Even when he’s doing the fun stuff, he’ll be thinking of better ways to solve a building problem. I’m not kidding about that; he’s constantly talking shop. That's how I know this is a true passion of his. He truly enjoys what he does.

Let us bring that enjoyment to you. A new build or remodel project shouldn't be stressful. Yes, things happen outside of our control in the construction world, but here at Garrott Construction we're going to make it as easy on you as possible.

Now go enjoy November! The leaves are beautiful, at least for just a little while longer.

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