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Kitchen Update

We started off the new year with a kitchen update. We're not calling it a remodel, because we kept the same layout, cabinet boxes, flooring and appliances. We just changed the cabinet color, the cabinet doors, countertop and added knobs and pulls to the cabinet doors.

We met with the client a couple months ago to start planning the project. Our initial meeting was to look at the space and get measurements. Then I, the interior designer of the project, went straight to work gathering ideas and collaborating them into a plan for our new client. I started off with entering the existing kitchen into my 3D modeling program to give a visual of the new kitchen. I started by looking at new colors that would go with the existing tile floor and wall color. My main goal was to lighten up the space, so I started with classic white cabinets in my model.

We had decided to go with a shaker style on the new cabinet doors. This style of cabinet would update the space, but keep it simple. Once I had gathered up my findings on countertop options and some color ideas, I met with my client again. We decided on a color and countertop just like that. My client was thrilled with what I had come up with, and was excited to begin the work. We ended up choosing PPG 1002-2 Arctic Cotton for the new cabinet color, and Wilsonart's Premium Laminate Hebron White with an antique finish for the countertop. For the fixtures and knobs and pulls we went with a brushed nickle finish to complete the look . After everything was selected and ordered we needed to begin building the cabinet doors. We measured and calculated with precise numbers to rebuild the cabinet doors using the already existing cabinets.

Once the countertops had arrived the work began. We started with taking off the existing doors and masking off the space to protect the walls, floors, and the homeowner's belongings. We primed the existing cabinets to help cover up any stains and imperfections in the cabinets. Then we moved onto spraying the new paint color on the cabinets. We worked with PPG's Breakthrough. This particular paint is tough like lacquer but flexible enough to paint a balloon. This creates a durable surface without the smell of lacquer, meaning we didn't have to "kick" our clients out of their own house while we painted their cabinets.

After multiple coats of paint the cabinets were finished. We then installed the new countertop, and hardware. Then proceeded with putting back the appliances and installing the sink and new faucet to finish up the project. Once everything was unmasked and put back to it's place, we had a "brand new" kitchen. No, not really, it only looks like a brand new kitchen. Check it out for yourself.

So with an open mind we were able to use the existing layout of the kitchen, and make it look brand new. In the end, we created a space that was exactly what the homeowner wanted, which is always in my book, a job well done. We strive to exceed the homeowner's expectations, and make a remodeling job easiest on them.

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