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Akeman Bridge Kitchen

Nothing like a little kitchen refresh just before the holidays. This kitchen we took out the existing quartz island, took off the additional taller portion of the island, and took out the laminate countertops. We then painted the existing cabinets and installed a butcher block countertop where the laminate countertop used to be, and a new quartz countertop with a slight overhang for additional seating. Once we removed the taller portion we had to rebuild the panel on the back of the island, since the original was split. By removing the taller portion of the island, it completely opened up the space.

This is the before of the kitchen.

New countertop, painted cabinets.

Different views of the kitchen.

Custom panel to match the rest of the cabinets after we took out the taller portion of the island.

Different view of the island.

The during work of masking, painting, and masking some more. Then the precious transportation of the cabinet doors from the shop to the jobsite.

As you can tell, a kitchen update and significantly change the look and feel of a home. For this kitchen, adding a lighter color to the cabinets and countertops, it really lightened up the area, with the major lack of natural light coming into the space. Now this family has functional seating space at the island, and they can now put a dining table where the upper portion of the island was taking up so much space. The next steps for this kitchen remodel are: painting walls and trim, install a tile backsplash, and install new flooring.

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