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Our Custom Design Process

Initial Contact

No matter how you contact us; by phone, Facebook, Instagram, email, text, we'll need your name and contact information to set up a first visit with us, usually in your home. If your project is new construction, then we'll ask for a set of the floor plans to be sent to us, then our designer will reach out to you for a first visit. 

First Visit

The first scheduled meeting is often in your home. If your project is new construction, then we'll most likely meet via a virtual meeting, or in one of our supplier's showrooms. Our goal of this meeting is to define the scope of your job, discuss your budget, and talk about your vision for product choices and finishes. This is the time to share those Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, and other forms of ideas you've been collecting. This will help our designer pull together your vision more efficiently, with maybe adding her own twist to them. For more complex projects, multiple visits may be necessary. 

The Cost

As time costs money, we can't give away our design and bid time for free. We request a $500.00 to $1,000.00 design and bid deposit, depending on the project.  Bids are very costly to put together requiring many hours of work for each individual project.  We always have striven to provide our clients with the most accurate bids possible which means no unknown costs for our clients when projects start.  Each bid is an individual and is tailored to what our clients request and needs.  This deposit will be applied to your contract, if you decide to proceed with us to complete the work. 

Pencil to Paper

During this phase, we will create one or more designs for your project. This includes computer generated 3D renderings for better visualization of the completed project. Another meeting is usually required to discuss the design. Our goal is to create a clear picture of your new space. 


This meeting usually takes place at our suppliers showrooms, where we can make final selections from flooring to cabinet and countertop selections.

Contract & Deposit 

Once everything is clear and agreed upon, we get out the pens and sign on the dotted lines, making the commitment official. An initial deposit on the contract allows us to begin ordering materials, and get things rolling for your project. 

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